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Austin Air PurifiersThe Importance of Clean Air

Austin Air Systems - as featured on The Today Show with Matt Lauer, June 20th, 2006 - a segment on Healthy Homes.

The benefits of breathing clean air are innumerable. Whether you have specific health issues such as asthma, chemical sensitivities or allergies, we believe removing the triggers will let you breathe easier. No matter what your relative state of well being, breathing clean air is the single greatest benefit you can afford yourself. Every time we take a breath of air, we are breathing in contaminants, which interfere with our respiratory system. This in turn reduces our ability to provide oxygen to the vital organs within our body. Any reduction in the amount of oxygen our body requires places stress on all of our vital organs including our heart and lungs. Air borne contaminants can create further stress and irreparable damage to our bodies.

To Help you Choose:

Best Overall Protection

Designed for people with everyday air quality concerns. The HealthMate removes virtually all airborne particles by performing several critical air quality remediation functions. The HealthMate's 4-stage filtration system contains True Medical Grade HEPA and Activated Carbon, eliminating airborne particles, chemicals, odors and gases.

Allergies and Asthma

Designed specifically for allergy and asthma sufferers, the engineers at Austin Air have created HEGA filtration - High Efficiency Gas Adsorption. The Allergy Machine's 4-stage adsorption system combines the superior particle filtration of Medical Grade HEPA with the added adsorption capacity of the Activated Military Carbon Cloth.

Ultimate Protection

For the chemically sensitive who require the most comprehensive air cleaning solution available. The HealthMate+ combines superior particulate filtration with advanced gas filtering capabilities to remove more household chemicals, gases and odors.

Important features of all Austin Air Purifiers

Filter Included

Solid Steel Construction

Powder-coated Painting

Energy Saving PSC motor

Engineered to create airflow and therefore work in areas that lack ventilation.

30-day money back guarantee

5 year parts and labor

5 year pro-rated filter guarantee

Protecting Your Baby's Health

Allow your baby to experience the benefits of clean air and a better night's sleep. The Baby's Breath removes airborne contaminants and creates a comforting white noise clinically proven to help infants fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

Made in the USA. Click on links below for more information on each product and to order.

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