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BedLounge®, LegLounger® & Covers

BedLounge®, LegLounger® & CoversIf you are looking for comfort and support from an upright reading pillow while doing homework, reading, and watching TV in bed, then look no further. The BedLounge® is the absolute perfect addition to your bedroom, dorm room, and family room. It works for kids in the family room as a TV, gaming or reading support pillow. The BedLounge® has an adjustable head support for additional comfort.

You can relax and lean back to your preferred comfort level. The BedLounge® with its internal frame construction is the only product of its type that can handle an adult's full weight leaning back - and still provide stable, continuous support.

The true secret of the BedLounge® is held in its "Active Frame." This patented design is specially engineered to adjust itself to you, allowing all of its key parts — headrest, armrest and the ergonomic lumbar pillow — to conform easily to your very own body shape.

The adjustable arm rests flex not only in and out, but up and down, which makes leaning back while reading easy. The BedLounge® is completely portable; it weighs less than a down comforter. The arms can be brought in and tied, and then the BedLounge® is easily transportable, or folds up for easy storage on a shelf or in your closet.

The fully adjustable headrest raises and lowers over a foot and moves forward 90° to cradle your head and neck. The BedLounge® cushion provides full upper body support and helps to relieve the day's stress and anxiety. Side pockets easily store your books, medications or the TV remote control.

- Fully Adjustable
- Doctor Designed
- Complete Upper & Lower Body Support
- Ultra-Lightweight & Portable
- Removable & Washable Covers
- Hypoallergenic all synthetic padding model is available for those allergic to down

All items are sold separately.

Made in USA.

About the 30-Day Guarantee:
Returns of BedLounge®/LegLounger® items must be returned in "like new" condition and can be returned within 30 days of the delivery date. Please contact us for an RA # and return instructions.