Slip Cover - BedLounge® Slip Covers
Slip Cover - BedLounge® Slip Covers

BedLounge® Slip Covers

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Slip Covers are a vital part of the BedLounge® experience. With the wide selection of colors in luxurious fabrics available, you'll be able to customize your BedLounge® to match your own personal style. Since the covers are so easily removed for washing, you can change the color and feel of your BedLounge® as often as you change your mind.

From the soft and durable 100% Cotton to the warm and cozy Velour Fleece, you'll have no problems finding the right fit for your taste.

Care Instructions: The washable slipcover is removable with a zipper closure along the bottom of the product. The headrest cover which is separate, is also removable by a zipper closure. All BedLounge® Slip Covers machine washable for easy care. BedLounge® recommends washing your BedLounge® cover as often as you change your sheets to ensure a healthy, dirt-free lounging experience. BedLounge® Slip Covers are made with the finest fabrics that are soft against your skin, yet durable enough to withstand numerous washings.

Once you remove the outer washable Slip Cover, the "body" of the BedLounge® does not need to be washed. That's the purpose of the Slip Cover, to protect the body from dirt and grime. Beneath the Slip Cover and covering the body of the BedLounge® is yet another protective interlining, just like on better sofas and chairs.

BedLounge® recommends you treat the body of the BedLounge® as you would a pillow or comforter. If you wish to air it out you can set it outdoors in the sunlight or next to a window for a few hours. This is a great way to freshen the BedLounge® body and headrest.

About the 30-Day Guarantee: Returns of BedLounge®/LegLounger® items must be returned in "like new" condition and can be returned within 30 days of the delivery date. Please contact us for an RA # and return instructions.