Find a selection of year-round bedding comforters at Dream Soft Bedware. We are your source for everything you need to transform your bedroom into a private sanctuary of rest, relaxation and slumber. For a great night's sleep, there is nothing better than the warmth and generous comfort of bedding comforters made from all-natural cottons, silks, satins, wools and more.

Slip under a bedding comforter from Alexandra Jordan, and combine elegant design with true comfort. For the true purveyors of softness, try a 300 to 420-thread count down comforter, made from 90 percent goose down and 700-count fill. These high-count comforters generate the kind of warmth you expect from heavier blankets, without weighing you down.

The double-stitched seams found in the Alexandra Jordan collection locks the down into a unique baffled boxed structure. The baffle lines the interior, adding loft and much needed durability for those of you who need to move in your sleep. A box stitch secures the down into sections throughout the comforter, eliminating the loss of loft due to shifting. Containing the down in such a way increases your comforter's insulation and gives it that fluffy, floating feel.

Remember, down acts like a natural barrier to the cold, keeping you warm without over heating, so it is a perfect choice for year-round comfort. When you choose your ideal comforter, be sure to consider its weight classification. Most of our down comforters are available in three, seasonal styles--light, classic and winter. For your chance to order from a full line of bedding comforters, click here.