When you choose to sleep in a California King size bed, you need a comforter to match not only its dimensions, but also its level of supreme coziness. A California King size bed is normally the longest bed available on the market; great news for you gentle giants out there. Visit us at Dream Soft Bedware for an entire selection of full size, California King comforters.

The task of finding a suitable bed should never lead to a struggle in finding the right size comforter. Why go through the trouble of wielding this 72-inch wide, 84-inch long bed into your room if you cannot stretch out without leaving your toes out in the cold? Whether you are looking for a comforter made of silk, down, cotton or flannel, we carry a large selection of California King comforters to keep you covered, comfortable and warm.

For a truly warm and fuzzy feel, try a Pure Grow Wool Comforter. Wool is soft, breathable and ideal for both warm and cold nights. As you fall asleep, the wool will absorb any perspiration and let it slowly evaporate into the air. You will sleep soundly as your body temperature is regulated, leaving you perfectly warm--never hot. The wool is wrapped in soft, 100 percent organic cotton, that will caress you into an even deeper sleep.

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