Is your California King mattress beginning to show its age? The cost of a mattress this size is often exceptionally high; this is sometimes the price of comfort. Rather than spending your money on a new mattress, have you considered the benefits of California King mattress pads? Save your money and your back when you visit us at Dream Soft Bedware, your source for luxury linens and bedding.

For the ultimate in year-round comfort, try a SnugSoft Deluxe California King Mattress Pad. Backed by a polyester layer, this fully-supported mattress pad is machine washable for added convenience. Be sure to lay your pad down flat soon after it is completely dry, as this will help maintain its shape and firmness.

The interior wool filling is tufted, and then uniquely applied to the backing in a process that retains as much loft as possible. In the end, you are left with a super soft, warm and incredibly comfortable mattress pad. Combining a mattress pad with a cozy, full bedding set from Dream Soft Bedware may result in a bed you will never want to leave.

A two-inch wide elastic strap snugly corners your existing mattress, creating a tight fit that won't budge, not even for the most active sleepers. The easy-fit straps slip easily over any size mattress, so you can be certain it will perfectly fit your existing mattress. Click here to order your SnugSoft Deluxe California King Mattress Pad. For more information, you may call our customer service directly at 1-877-768-4233.