There is nothing more inviting than a bed lined with cotton sheets. Cotton sheets create cool, lightweight comfort without sacrificing warmth or softness. Dream Soft Bedware is home to an exclusive selection of fine cotton sheets from some of the world's finest producers of luxury linens.

Cotton is found growing across many different regions of the world, from the southern United States to fertile farms along the soil-rich Nile River Valley. Because of this, the quality of the cotton and its central characteristics vary. We at Dream Soft Bedware invite you to compare the gentle feel of both Pima and Egyptian cottons.

Pima cotton is a name widely used to describe long staple cottons grown in the United States, parts of Australia, Peru and a few other limited locations worldwide. At one time, Pima cotton was referred to as American-Egyptian, as its defining characteristics were reminiscent of the fine quality found in Egyptian cottons. Pima cotton, like its Egyptian predecessor, is made from finely spun cotton strands that average a length of 1 3/8 inches. These extra-long strands result in cotton fabrics that are noticeably soft and durable, as well as resistant to the normal wear and tear that causes pilling.

When you are in need of quality sheets that will help you ease into full, restful slumber, there is no better choice than Dream Soft Bedware. Shop for our whisper-soft Pima Cotton Sateen Sheet Sets. These extraordinary 500 thread count sheets will float you into a luxurious state of relaxation. To shop for fine quality Egyptian and Pima cotton linens click here.