If you are looking for designer looks at discount prices, then look no further than Dream Soft Bedware. We carry an unprecedented variety of designer bedding, from organic cotton and wool sheet sets, to luxurious silk and satin comforters and duvet covers. Look for fresh decorating ideas with our wide selection of beautiful designer sets, from some of today's most sought-after names in luxury linens and bedding.

We have discount bedding sets to satisfy your demand for high quality, unique looks that never go out of style. Imagine your bedroom awash in luminous fabric with the Moonlight Horizon Comforter Set. This set, inspired by the moon's magnetic, soothing charms, combines sleek design with welcoming tones of silver and slate. Centered on a circular design of silver, moon-like orbs dancing over a smooth, slate background, this bedding ensemble is made from 100 percent cotton. The 300-count, heavenly-soft cotton is fused with a sateen finish, creating a smooth, brilliant, lustrous surface.

To add a dash of designer style to your bedding ensemble without breaking the bank, choose a Bridal Satin Duvet Cover. This silk-like duvet can transform any bed into a haven of wondrous texture and comfort. Available in a variety of lush, distinctive colors, this satiny smooth duvet quickly revitalizes your existing comforter, and extends its life for years to come.

Dreaming of a designer bedroom set? Dream Soft Bedware wants to make this vision into a reality. Our quality, luxury designer bedding sets will spark your imagination without denting your pocketbook. To order your Moonlight Horizon Comforter Set, click here.