Downright Astra Comforel® Alternative Fiber Comforters

Downright Astra Comforel® Alternative Fiber ComfortersGenerously filled with our down alternative Innofil fiber, and a 233TC 100% Cotton shell, the Astra comforter and pillows will satisfy you with its softness and downlike warmth.

Pillows and comforters should always be used inside a cover. Down products may be dry cleaned, or washed in a front-loading commercial capacity washer. Use a low sudsing detergent or a product specifically designed for washing down products. Place in large capacity dryer on lowest heat setting and dry for several hours or until thoroughly dried.

All Downright fabrics have the Oeko-Tex 100-Confidence in Textiles label and are certified to be virtually free of all harmful chemicals.

Made in the USA with imported materials.

SHIPPING NOTE: Downright items can only ship via UPS. Please provide a street address for UPS delivery.