Downright Sierra Comforel® Alternative Fiber Comforter and Pillows

Downright Sierra Comforel® Alternative Fiber Comforter and PillowsSierra down alternative comforter and pillows feature a synthetic fiber- Comforel®, a man-made hypoallergenic wonder that offers down-like warmth, loft and softness. The Sierra comforter is covered with a 300 TC 100% cotton and the baffle box construction will provide optimum lofting, even distribution and durability. Finally, you can enjoy a degree of comfort that imitates down in an easy-care comforter that is moderately priced, absolutely hypo-allergenic, and ideal even for allergy prone sleepers. Comforel® fill is uniquely engineered with miniscule spiral silky microfibers that emulate the glorious comfort of down, yet provide years of superb slumber. You’ll go to bed feeling secure – and wake up feeling refreshed.

All Downright fabrics have the Oeko-Tex 100-Confidence in Textiles label and are certified to be virtually free of all harmful chemicals.

Made in the USA with imported materials.