DreamSacks® Silk Sleep Sacks

DreamSacks® Silk Sleep SacksPamper yourself with 100% Pure Silk. Lightweight and strong - warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. Cozy and luxurious.

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Great for travel or everyday comfort. Slip a DreamSacks® into your suitcase before travel and experience a good night's sleep wherever you are. Made from 8 momme Habotai silk, DreamSacks® are soft, wash and dry easily and give you added protection from uncomfortable sheets. Available in five sizes: Original, Original Opening, Extra Roomy Opening, Double and Double Deluxe.

Caring for your Silk

We hope you enjoy your silk bedding. Before removing from the package, please check to make sure the size and color are satisfactory. Silk is a luxurious fiber and will last a long time if given the proper care. Always use a pH neutral soap when washing. Please check labels and do not use any harsh chemicals or bleach as they will damage the silk fiber. We do not recommend Woolite for silk. We suggest Charlie's Soap or a similar silk friendly soap.

Wash in cool water using a gentle cycle. Air or machine dry on low. Remove promptly from the dryer. The heat from the dryer is hard on silk, so please do not over-dry. We cannot accept returns for improperly laundered silk. Enjoy!

All products ship fast, usually same or next day. Expedited shipping also available on all DreamSacks® products.

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