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Mattress Pad - ElectroWarmth Heated Mattress Pads for RVs
Mattress Pad - ElectroWarmth Heated Mattress Pads for RVsMattress Pad - ElectroWarmth Heated Mattress Pads for RVs

ElectroWarmth Heated Mattress Pads for RVs

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Discover the warmth of an ElectroWarmth mattress pad. Controlled to suit your comfort level the ElectroWarmth fitted mattress pad is a welcome addition to your sleep environment. Polyester top and bottom with a polyester batting for comfort and easy care.

ElectroWarmth heated mattress pads radiate heat from below allowing you to relax into a deep and restful sleep. No more waking up cold searching for an extra blanket. The adjustable warmth relaxes your back and leg muscles that are sore and stiff. The relaxing deep sleep helps you to awake refreshed and comfortable. The fitted ElectroWarmth mattress pad stays in place and secure under your fitted sheet keeping the warmth from your feet to your shoulders.

For extra comfort, place the ElectroWarmth pad on the mattress first, then add a regular mattress pad with a fitted sheet on top. This will help keep the pad clean and fresh but if the need arises it is machine washable.

On the 115 V fitted models, the cord is approximately 7 feet from the control to the electrical outlet, and 11 ˝ feet from the plug-in on the warmer to the control. The cord plugs in at the foot of the warmer about 5 inches in from the corner on the top side. The control is digital.

Measures 60" x 74".

Proudly manufactured in America the ElectroWarmth Mattress pad is a quality product you will love this winter. When you use the ElectroWarmth heated mattress pad you can turn down your thermostat setting and save on your heating bills. Your new heated mattress pad keeps you warm while you sleep allowing you to turn down the thermostat and save on your heating bill.

30-Day Sleep Guarantee

Returns of ElectroWarmth Mattress Pads must be returned in "like new" condition (you can sleep on them but they cannot be washed or altered in any way to qualify for a refund). Please contact us for an RA number and return instructions.


* 10 warming settings provide personalized comfort.

* 115v

* Save energy cost turn down your home thermostat which pays for the bed warmer over and over again.

* Machine wash and dry.

* ElectroWarmth warming system delivers consistent warmth and will safely shut down if ever used in an unsafe manner.

*Automatically shuts off in 10 hours.

* Full One Year Warranty with service available after one year with small service charge.

* 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

* Made in USA.

* Polyester with polyester fill.

Please be sure to double check the measurement of your mattress before ordering.