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Empress Silk Comforters

Empress Silk ComfortersThese 100% silk comforters are made of the finest long yarn silk and filled with silk floss to combine exceptional comfort with unparallel elegance. In addition to elegant, silk comforters are also a practical choice for year round comfort.

Unlike other comforter fills, such as feather down or synthetics, the hand layered silk floss fill does not shift or bunch into pockets creating an uneven distribution within the comforter. Silk floss fill retains its uniform distribution throughout, therefore maintaining its natural ability to breathe, contour to your body thus eliminating humidity and cold spots and providing surprising comfort in the summer and incomparable warmth in the winter. In addition, with proper care, these comforters can provide a lifetime of versatile comfort and elegance to a bedding ensemble. Comforters have loops on each of the four corners allowing you to secure your comforters with ties on our duvet covers.

Comforters are available in either a winter or spring weight and regular or oversized. Professional dry clean only. Shell fabric is 100% silk habutai in pure white.

Care Instructions: Empress silk comforters, silk blankets and throws are dry clean only.

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