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Empress Silk Nightwear and Robes

Empress Silk Nightwear and RobesBlending the two most luxurious fabrics, silk and velvet, Empress Silk offers a sleek slip and matching robe. Attention to detail and sophisticated styling in both the short or long slip and robe. Velvet accents to the incredibly soft Mulberry silk.

Care Instructions:
These are general care guidelines for silk. Please refer to specific care instructions on each label.

Hand Wash: All Empress Silk duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases and apparel are washable. The preferred method is hand laundered in lukewarm water with pH neutral soap using a gentle hand movement. They do not recommend Woolite for silk. They suggest Charlie's Soap or a similar pH netural, silk friendly soap. Do not soak too long. Rinse in cool water and roll silk in a towel to remove excess water. Never wring water from silk.

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