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Pacific Coast® Featherbeds

Featherbeds - Pacific Coast® FeatherbedsFind comfort from your stressful day by resting on a Pacific Coast® feather bed. Featherbeds contour to your body, cushioning pressure points like shoulders and hips to relax your body and take you to a new level of comfort.

All Pacific Coast® products are made in the USA with imported materials except their Stratus Down Comforter and Mattress Protectors which are imported.

Care Instructions: The only recommended method of cleaning a featherbed is to take it to a professional launderer or dry cleaner.

Featherbeds are a nice addition on top of a mattress by adding support and cushioning to pressure points. At the same time, featherbeds do require maintenance.

Four Fantastic Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Featherbed:

Wrap it up: Zip covers keep your featherbed fresh and clean since they are not easy to wash. Covers are available in an AllerRest® fabric which block dust mites from entering into your featherbed.

Don't let spot run: If you do get a stain or spill on your featherbed it is best to spot clean it the same way you would a mattress. Use a soft cloth to blot the stain and use mild soap and water for stains. Do not use harsh chemicals. Featherbeds do not require laundering when used with a cover but, if needed, it should be dry cleaned.

Fluff: All featherbeds go limp after being slept on. It's advised that you fluff your featherbed every time you change your sheets or once a week. Some featherbeds have handles to make it easier to fluff, otherwise grab a corner and give it a shake up and down.

Rotate: Just like the tires on your car, featherbeds need to be rotated. The feathers that are located under your pressure point will soften quicker than the rest of the feathers. To keep your featherbed from wearing unevenly, rotate it ever time you change your sheets.

Please note: No expedited shipping on PCF Featherbeds. Pacifc Coast® Feather ships via FedEx only. Please provide a valid street address for FedEx delivery. Sorry, no APO/FPO or PO Box orders. No Shipping to HI, AK or Canada.