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Fleece Baby Safety Crib Sheets

Fleece Baby Safety Crib SheetsFleece Baby™ has been featured in ePregnancy Magazine and Earnshaw’s Magazine Winners of iParenting’s Hottest New Product for 2004 award!

What makes Fleece Baby™ Crib Sheets so special? They are a new and innovative approach to infant bedding. Fleece Baby™ has combined the softness of baby’s favorite blanket with deep safety pockets in a fitted crib sheet. The unique (patent pending) design adds 6 inch deep pockets and elastic all around the bottom of the fitted sheet to secure it firmly under the mattress. This ensures that as your baby turns and tugs on the sheet through the night, the sheet will stay put.

Fleece Baby™ Safety Sheets are made from 100% polyester anti-pill polar fleece. This means they do not shrink, even after multiple washings. Fleece fabric is stain resistant, non-flammable, and breathable. Fleece Baby™ sheets will last to carry baby into her toddler bed and still keep their shape and softness. This tactile fabric will help baby sleep longer, because it’s softer and cozier than traditional cotton crib sheets. Parents will sleep easier too, knowing that their child is sleeping on a sheet designed for safety.

Because they were made by a parent who changes many sheets herself, these sheets had to be easy to use. There are other safety sheets and safety devices on the market. However, they all require the mattress be completely removed from the crib each time the sheet is changed. Fleece Baby™ crib sheets are simple for an adult to slip on and off – no matter how many times they need to be changed!

Fleece Baby™ products are made to be the perfect shower gift! Packaged in shiny tulle and ribbon, they even have a gift card already in place. All you have to do is sign your name. They are made in solid pastel colors to compliment any nursery décor. You’ll wow your friends and the new mother-to-be with a beautiful and practical gift that both she and her baby are sure to love.

Why are Fleece Baby™ crib sheets safer than regular sheets? Fleece Baby™ Crib Sheets are safer than average cotton/flannel sheets because of the combination of the fleece material and design. Fleece Baby™ micro-fleece material is flame resistant and breathable – meaning that the baby will not re-inhale her own breath. Fleece fabric does not shrink – meaning the sheet will not lose its shape creating a strangulation hazard. Fleece Baby™ unique (patent pending) design adds six inch deep pockets at each end of the sheet making it impossible for the baby to pull it off the mattress as she sleeps.

Other than the safety factors, why would I want fleece fitted sheets rather than cotton or flannel? Babies crave sensory stimulation. Fleece fabric, aside from being soft and warm, is very tactile. It appeals to baby’s sense of touch. At birth, touch is one of the most active of baby’s senses. Studies have actually shown increased brain development from infant contact with fleece products because of its tactile nature! Of course, your baby won’t care about this. All she’ll know is that it feels like her favorite blanket. Jennifer's daughters slept an average of two hours longer a night with Fleece Baby™ sheets.

Baby Sleep Tips

* Learn your baby's signs of sleepiness. Most babies provide signals when they are getting tired: rubbing their eyes, pulling their ears, getting cranky. Once your baby starts showing these signs, head right to bed. If you wait, you will have an overtired baby who will have more difficulty falling asleep.

* Establish a bedtime routine. Try using calming rituals that follow the same pattern each night. Set the mood by giving your baby a bath, reading stories, cuddling, rocking or singing lullabies.

* Put your baby to bed awake and give her time to fall asleep on her own. Usually between six to eight weeks of age, you can start putting your baby down to sleep when she is still awake, giving her a chance to "self soothe."

* Put your baby to sleep on her back. To reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all babies be put to sleep on their backs. Also be sure that no blankets or stuffed animals are in the crib near the baby.

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