The design house of Frette began its reign as one of Italy's best-known names in luxury linens in 1865. Due to their signature styles and opulent textures, Frette linens were used by the wealthiest aristocratic families, on board luxury cruise liners, first-class trains, and in some of Europe's finest hotels. Discover the legacy of refined linens when you shop online at Dream Soft Bedware, and bring the richness of Frette into your home.

Purveyors of fine linens know that the name Frette is synonymous with luxury. For distinctive styles and inspired textures, look for the Frette Hotel Collection Sheet Set. This set is made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton, finely woven into a 200-thread count fabric. The elegant design of the Frette Hotel Collection is bordered with a smart, double piping, and finished with a clean, double-line satin stitch embroidered hem.

Thread count refers to how many threads fit vertically and horizontally into a square inch of fabric, and is a valuable reference when choosing a quality fabric. A higher thread count suggests a softer, yet more durable cloth, but you also need to account for other factors, such as the thickness and ply of the threads. A swath of fabric can be made from single, or two-ply strands. Twisting two strands of yarn together makes two-ply, doubling the fabric's thread count and strength.

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