Add a dash of luxury to your existing bedding with a duvet cover by Frette. Shop with us at Dream Soft Bedware for an entire line of fine linens and assorted bedding items from Frette, and see for yourself why so many define Frette as the name in luxury bedding. Frette uses only the finest in quality fabrics to create sensuous, unforgettable textures and styles that add a note of timeless sophistication to your bedroom décor.

If your comforter is aging too quickly, use a duvet cover as a protective barrier from stains and other surface damages that may occur due to normal wear and tear. Frette offers duvet covers made from 200-count, 100 percent Egyptian cotton. This long-strand cotton is well regarded as a lightweight, incredibly durable and soft fabric that can last for years and years.

We at Dream Soft Bedware understand that a good night's rest can positively impact your waking hours. Bedding down in scratchy, stiff synthetics may lead to a round of tossing and turning that leaves you in a state of drowsiness the next morning. Use Frette bedding and linens to uncover the true path to sound sleep. Relax your body and your mind into the folds of a Frette duvet cover, and enjoy the full benefits of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

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