The distinctively sophisticated styles of Frette linen can be yours when you visit us at Dream Soft Bedware. We carry a full line of Frette bedding, including high-count cotton bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, shams and much more. Browse our online catalog, and find the latest in design masterpieces by this leading maker of fine linens and bedding.

If you love the feel of pure cotton, but are allergic to the dust that may collect in some cotton bedding, try these helpful tips. A thorough wash may rid your linens of dust mites for a short period of time, but freezing your sheets can offer a more permanent solution. After your wash cycle, place your linens in the freezer for a day or two, and effectively kill of any dust mite allergens.

Your fine linens from Frette can offer you a lifetime of comfort and softness if you properly care for them. High-quality cottons need ample space to breathe in order to retain their pliable shape, softness and pure color. When storing your Frette linens, stay away from plastic storage bags, or airtight containers of any sort, as you may cut off a much-needed supply of air.

Frette linens are your ticket to smooth, sumptuous comfort and cool, modern styles. Dress up your bedding ensemble with Frette linens from Dream Soft Bedware, and feel the incredible luxury of Frette night after night. To order your set of fine linens from Frette, click here.