Forget about owning a vacation home in St. Barth's or a fleet of Rolls Royces: true luxury means toweling off with your very own Frette bath towel. Frette bath towels and bath sheets are simply divine. You'll know you've made it when you dry off with one of these deliciously thick, remarkably thirsty towels.

Frette towels, bath sheets, bath mats, and robes are a luxury you can enjoy every day. You have to jump in the shower once a day anyway; why not turn this daily necessity into a cause for celebration? If you love the simple pleasures of good quality and everyday luxury, you'll idolize Frette's wonderful cotton towels.

Dream Soft Bedware carries several different styles of Frette towels, robes, and bath products. Choose from their Classic Cotton Towels, Jacquard Stripe Towels, or Checkerboard Towels. Each style of towel, bath sheet, washcloth, and hand towel is made from 100 percent Turkish cotton. These are deliciously heavy towels, as you might expect, weighing in at 1.2 to 1.4 pounds per square yard depending on the style.

We think it very charming and chic that Frette towels are available only in white. These proud makers of fine linens and textiles have created the best towels in the world, and they refuse to diminish this accomplishment by offering a rainbow of hues. Simple, classic, hopelessly chic white towels: that's what Frette offers, and that's what our customers love.