Hypoallergenic down comforters are a must for people with sensitive allergies. Fortunately, Dream Soft Bedware carries a wide range of hypoallergenic down comforters in a number of styles. Choose from such appealing bedding as hypoallergenic, Polish- and Hungarian-down comforters from Heirloom, Mirage, and Damask Lux; Hyperclean® down-filled comforters from Pacific Coast Feather; and colorful, vibrant Calypso Collection down comforters.

The Calypso Collection is one of the newest offerings from Dream Soft Bedware. Products are very affordable, and the colors and styles are lighthearted and fun--perfect for kids and college students. We love that these comforters are two-color reversible. When your teenager grows bored with her red comforter, she can simply flip it over to its navy side.

Reversible color combinations include red and navy, black and grey, black and taupe, taupe and flax, celadon and sage, and sky and blue. These comforters are sewn through, which ensures a minimum of down movement. With their hypoallergenic down, they're perfect for even sensitive sleepers.

Pacific Coast Feather is one of our very favorite manufacturers of down comforters. Their products are of such a high quality, and they take the term "hypoallergenic" to a new level. Pacific Coast Feather comforters are Hyperclean®. Using their proprietary Hyperclean® method, they remove all dirt, dust, and all allergens from their feathers and down before filling their comforters.