What do you splurge on? Where and when do you insist on luxury--and when do you pinch your pennies? At Dream Soft Bedware, we think everyday luxuries like thirsty Turkish towels, Italian luxury sheets, and handcrafted featherbeds are the most rewarding luxuries of all. Simply turning back the covers and slipping between your sheets becomes a cause for celebration when your bedding is cool, smooth, beautifully designed, and fantastically soft.

And yet, everyday luxuries like Italian luxury sheets are so much more affordable than other indulgences. For the price of a single meal in a good restaurant, you can purchase a set of Italian sheets from Dream Soft Bedware that will literally last you for years on end. One treat lasts for a few hours; the other will give you pleasure every day for years to come. To us, the choice seems clear.

Some of our most popular Italian sheets are manufactured by Frette. Frette has been a leading name in Italian linens for almost 150 years. Customers love Frette's Hotel Collection of Italian luxury sheets made from Egyptian cotton percale. Choose from two distinctive styles: classic double piping or scallop edges.

The scallop edges are charming, with an understated delicateness. Their detailing is delightfully refined. The sheet sets with double piping, on the other hand, are a bit more masculine. Double piping in red, black, blue, or other bold colors provides a crisp, assertive contrast to pure white sheets. It's no wonder the classic charm of double piping Frette bedding is found in four-star hotels all over the world.