Mulberry West Premium Luxury Silk Filled Cotton Comforters & Blankets

Mulberry West Premium Luxury Silk Filled Cotton Comforters & BlanketsFor centuries those who've snuggled into a bed dressed with certified Grade A mulberry silk comforters and blankets have appreciated and luxuriated in the comfort and protection of nature's highest quality silk. Mulberry West bedding, specially crafted is both hypoallergenic and long lasting.

The Grade A mulberry long strand silk fibers are nestled in a bleach-free polished cotton cover, making for a barrier naturally resistant to mold, allergens and insects including bed bugs and dust mites. Mulberry West collections respond to temperature changes such as hormonal fluctuations by offering a natural veil of warmth or a cooling cover. Long strand silk floss is a mildew-proof natural fiber that eliminates moisture 1.5 times better than plain cotton. Mulberry West is certified by an international inspection company for no chlorine, ammonia, formaldehyde or lead.

The Mulberry West collection is eco-chic, eco-friendly and perfectly geared to the discriminating shopper seeking the finest bedding.

EASY TO CLEAN: Caring for this bedding couldn’t be easier. Simply spot clean and air out in the sun for a few hours naturally bleaching the cotton and rejuvenating the mulberry silk. You may also dry clean with LOW heat. Do not machine wash or dry.