Enjoy the full comfort of an Olympic Queen mattress pad from Dream Soft Bedware. Rather than shelling out big money for a new mattress, employ the great, cost-effective benefits of a mattress pad to help you enjoy a longer and more restful night's sleep. Our durably soft yet supportive mattress pads offer you the chance to feel refreshed and totally rejuvenated from a night's sleep.

Revitalize your aging mattress with a SnugFleece Olympic Queen Wool Mattress Pad, and enjoy the combined benefits of renewed support and multi-seasonal wool. Wool is a naturally absorbent, warm and breathable material, ideal for any season. Wool works as a body temperature regulator, creating a vacuum of warmth for your body, but allowing the air to circulate so as not to overheat.

If you suffer from any number of common sleep deterrents, such as insomnia, muscle and joint pain, stiffness or numbing in the limbs or nerve tension, the Olympic Queen Wool Mattress Pad is the perfect solution. Wool's natural softness, insulating warmth and soothing texture acts as a sleep aid, offering your body a means to feel totally supported, from head to toe. Feel the amazing difference a wool mattress pad makes as it follows the natural contours of your body, supporting your weight, head, neck and shoulders.

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