When you buy organic products, you are investing in the health of the world's ecosystem. Conscientious shoppers choose organic cotton sheets in order to support the chain of environmental benefits related to organic farming practices. Without the use of harmful chemicals, organic farming is known to improve soil quality over time, paving a path for future harvests. Dream Soft Bedware recognizes the mission of organic cotton farming, and offers a full catalog of organic cotton sheets and bedding to meet your demand for organic products.

Our Organic Cotton Sheets display the natural colors of organic cotton, with results ranging from golden shades of yellow to ivory shades of white. In addition to our natural colors, we also now have beautiful colors in low-impact dyed organic cotton bedding. Certified organic and grown in India, the cotton is spun into an incredibly strong, durable yet invitingly soft fabric, with a thread count between 230 and 350. Without the abrasive treatment of adding color, resin or other chemical finishes, these sheets will outlast most conventional cotton sheets.

Given the proper care, your organic cotton sheets will last for years. It is important to remember that organic cottons are never chemically treated. To keep your organic cotton looking clean and fresh, try adding a quarter cup of vinegar during the first wash cycle. The vinegar acts as a natural agent to lock in its rich and varied tones. To keep your organic cottons from fading, separate your wash into light and dark loads, and never use bleach or other harsh soaps.

Your organic cotton sheets are waiting for you at Dream Soft Bedware. Call our customer service direct at 1-877-768-4244, or simply click here for your chance to choose from an incredible selection of organic cotton sheets and bedding.