The lush softness of organic flannel sheets from Dream Soft Bedware will add warmth and comfort to your bedroom décor. Flannel is a gently woven cotton fabric, normally consisting of a relatively low thread count. Although a higher thread count normally results in a softer cloth, flannel's unique, breathable weave produces a lightweight, soft fabric.

Browse our enticing line of organic flannel sheets, and line your bed in a cloud of softness. Our organic flannel sheets seem to float at an almost weightless 7.8 ounces made of 100 percent certified, Indian-grown organic cotton. Flannel is a sturdy fabric, best recognized for its single side of nap, where the threads are cut to form piles or raised ends. The nap of the flannel results in a wooly-like texture that continues to soften with use.

Look for our other organic products, such as our line of Coyuchi Organic Cotton Sheets and Bedding. As with all of our organic cotton and flannel sheets, Coyuchi only uses cotton certified by a national organic certification process. This means that you can always be sure that our organic fabrics are pure, natural and 100 percent chemical-free.

Organic flannels, and other organic materials, can lend its support to the world's ecosystem, as well as to your overall well-being. For those of you suffering from allergic reactions due to the use of harsh chemicals, resins, dye and other abrasives, turn to our selection of naturally hypoallergenic, organic flannels. To shop for our organic flannel sheets, and other organic bedding products, click here.