Pillow - Sleep & Beyond myWool®  Pillow
Pillow - Sleep & Beyond myWool®  PillowPillow - Sleep & Beyond myWool®  PillowPillow - Sleep & Beyond myWool®  Pillow

Sleep & Beyond myWool® Pillow

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• This cloud-like pillow gently caresses your head and supports your tired neck. Tightness and stress in muscles slowly disappear like the sun sinking behind the horizon.
• Sleeping with the 100% natural wool and cotton pillow means waking up with more than a different and wild hairstyle that morning. It means feeling energized, refreshed, and relief from stressed muscles.
• Say “good night” to overheating, sweating, and that clammy feeling.
• Say “good night” to clumps and bumps in a pillow.
• Perfect for all-year round comfort. • Provides relief from MCS (multiple chemical s
ensitivities) as they are free of carcinogenic chemicals.
• Last for many years with proper care. Wool out-performs other fibers used for bedding.


• Medium fill
• Filled with 100% washable wool.
• Encased in 100% natural cotton, 270TC percale.
• Comes in eco-friendly and reusable packaging.
• Sizes: standard, queen, king.
• Machine washable.
• 5 year manufacturer warranty.


Standard: 20 x 26"; wool fill: 2.5 lbs.
Queen: 20 x 30"; wool fill: 3 lbs.
King: 20 x 36"; wool fill: 4 lbs.

Understanding the Aroma of Wool

The sweet smell of wool assures you are receiving the true and pure wool filled product, free of harmful chemicals, toxins and synthetics. Wool aroma is appealing to the senses and helps induce a relaxed, healthy and comforting sleep environment. It will dissipate within few days after opening.