We at Dream Soft Bedware believe in the rejuvenating powers of sleep, and this is why we strive so hard to bring you the greatest in comfort and softness in our sheet sets, comforters, comforter covers, pillows, throws, shams and more. If you are looking to regally dress your queen bed, look no further than our collection of light, airy but generously warm comforters.

To furnish your queen bed with the royal treatment, consider the Kumi Kookoon Silk Filled Charmeuse Comforter. Kumi Kookoon has taken the idea of cozy-soft down and transformed it into a superior, lightweight silken delight. Filled with hand stretched silk, the strands wrap around one another without bunching or slipping, and create well-matched warmth that supports your body's natural temperature. The charmeuse cover enhances the luxuriant softness and drape, allowing the comforter to cleave closer to your body and maintain even contact throughout the night.

Pay special attention to the care of your silk comforter, and you will enjoy its incredible feel for years to come. The Kumi Kookoon Silk Filled Charmeuse Comforter is dry clean only, and absolutely worth the extra cost considering what you get in return. Due to the elaborate wrapping of the silk within the charmeuse cover, be sure your dry cleaner understands the nature of silk charmeuse, especially how moisture may cause the silk to mat.

Visit us at Dream Soft Bedware, and find an enticing collection of luxury linens and bedding to enhance the comfort of your Queen bed. If you are ready to explore the sensuous warmth of a silk comforter by Kumi Kookoon, click here.