Sachi Premium Natural Wool and Organic Buckwheat or Millet Pillows

Sachi Premium Natural Wool and Organic Buckwheat or Millet PillowsFall Asleep Quickly and Sleep More Restfully

Sachi Shambho and Rejuvenation Pillows are a selection of buckwheat and millet hull pillows made like none other. If you have been continually disappointed with traditional pillows not holding shape or offering support, or you have been fearful of the off-gassing of poorly-made memory foam pillows, then consider the lasting comfort of a buckwheat or millet pillow. Shambho and Rejuvenation pillows have the addition of a layer of premium eco-wool to add to the comfort of the pillow while offering the superior value of wool's contributions to your sleep. Premium eco-wool helps to retard dust mites and is temperature regulating, keeping the pillow perfect in any climate. The thick layer of wool in the top chamber of the pillow muffles the sound of hulls under your ear.

Shambho and Rejuvenation Pillows are made with sateen fabric of USDA Certified Organic cotton fibers and filled with USDA Certified Organic millet or buckwheat hulls, and premium eco-wool. You will notice how clean and natural your pillow feels.

Choosing Between Buckwheat Hulls and Millet Hulls:

Under your head they work similarly, both molding to your contours and keeping your head elevated and your neck supported. Millet is denser than buckwheat, lighter in weight and smaller in size. It is quieter than buckwheat, which makes a soft shuffling sound while you are getting settled. Millet has a slight grassy odor that dissipates in a few weeks while buckwheat is odorless.

The pillows have a patented dual chamber design. Since no single filling (except organic millet) can provide both comfort and support, Shambho and Rejuvenation pillows give you two fillings that work synergistically. Organic buckwheat and millet hulls don’t compress and lose volume the way all other fiber, feather and foam pillows do. Your buckwheat or millet pillow won’t flatten like these others. You will always be to shape the pillow for a custom sleep fit.

The high side walls on the Shambho and Rejuvenation pillows allow more hulls to collect under your neck and chin to form a neck roll that’s sized for side sleeping. When you lay your head down, the hulls move into the hard to reach area under your neck and chin, providing you with such a perfect fit you’ll feel your pillow was custom made.


Buckwheat hulls are large hulls that trap a lot of air which is then blown through the pillow when we move in our sleep. Buckwheat hulls rustle when we move. Millet hulls are tiny, they make no sound when they move and the filling feels smooth and velvety.

Millet hulls are not softer than buckwheat hulls, but they do feel more velvety because they are so tiny, round, and smooth.

All hull pillows are temperate (they do not take on heat in the summer or cold in the winter). Buckwheat hulls ventilate more easily given their large irregular shape.

What is Eco-Wool™? Eco-Wool™ is entirely derived from regional/domestic flocks of sheep that are raised following industry-leading sustainability and cruelty free standards. All of our wool is purchased from the best farms in the country. It is required that the wool has a minimal amount of vegetable matter and is not treated with any harsh chemicals. Carding equipment then removes vegetable matter from the wool in 6 different steps, eventually producing the signature wool batting.

Our Premium Eco Wool™ is domestically sourced.

The wool fill will compress 25% - 30% within the first couple of months but it will remain comfortable and supportive.