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Pillow - Sachi Shambho Natural Wool and Organic Buckwheat

Sachi Shambho Natural Wool and Organic Buckwheat Pillow

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The Shambho Eco-Wool and Organic Buckwheat Pillow is smaller in size than traditional standard pillows, allowing better wrap around and neck support than a larger pillow. In Asian countries where buckwheat hull pillows are used almost exclusively, this smaller size is their standard.

The Shambho pillow has two inner chambers. The bottom is filled with organic buckwheat hulls that conform to fit your head and neck so perfectly you'll feel like a baby in your mother's arms! The top chamber is filled with pure, fluffed premium eco-wool. Your ear will love this soft addition especially when you sleep on your side.

Easily adjustable, if you want to make the pillow higher, rotate it a quarter turn so that it rests on its side. If you want to make it lower and softer, unzip the casing and scoop out some hulls, or remove some wool to adjust. The Shambho Pillow is micro-adjustable for a custom-made fit. Try it - sleep in proper alignment all night long and wake up with a happy neck!

Easy to take along on trips. Get the rest you deserve while traveling. Whether on business or vacation, you feel better rested if you have your pillow along and the Shambho is easily packable – great on the plane or in the car.

The Shambho pillow measures 16"L x 10"W; 4"H. The finished pillow height is about 25-30% wool and 70-75% hulls. Made with Sateen fabric of organic cotton fibers, certified organic buckwheat hulls, and premium eco-wool. Zippered cover.

This pillow accommodates both back and side sleepers well.

Product Materials: Natural Wool. Organic buckwheat hulls. Covering is sateen fabric of organic cotton fibers. Optional pillowcase: Sateen fabric of organic cotton fibers.

This pillow contains no flame retardants and is chemical free.

Care: The pillow is not machine washable and we do not recommend dry cleaning. We recommend that you purchase a pillow protector which is machine washable.

Made in the USA.