Sleep & Beyond Wool Pillows

Sleep & Beyond Wool PillowsHow did you sleep last night?

Many of our customers are finding out that a restless night’s sleep can often begin with a pillow that simply doesn’t provide enough loft or comfort they are looking for or is causing allergies.

Sleep & Beyond recommends you to look for a pillow that provides three essential functions during sleep: health, support and comfort.

• All S&B™ pillows are hypoallergenic and are either 100% natural or organic.
• Pillows are filled with 100% pure wool (organic and natural).
• S&B™ carries some of the most stringent certifications for their raw materials including GOTS, Woolmark, and Oeko Tex.
• Sleeping on S&B™ wool pillows can eliminate the overheating and night sweats common with down, feathers, foam and synthetic fills.
• S&B™ has studied the dynamics of sleep for years, and created their pillows based on extensive research so that you may sleep well and feel amazing the moment you wake up.