Yala® Luxury Silk Filled Comforters and Silk Comforter Covers

Yala® Luxury Silk Filled Comforters and Silk Comforter CoversPamper yourself with 100% Pure Silk. Lightweight and strong - warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. Cozy and luxurious.

Sleep in a cloud – The Yala® Silk Filled Comforters are light, warm and dreamy! 100% pure silk inside and out, this Comforter surrounds you in a cocoon so sumptuous and enticing, you’ll never want to leave. We realize that you have to get out of bed sometime, but go ahead and hit the snooze button one more time – you deserve it! The Silk Filled Comforter also makes a glorious gift for a special occasion. Following ancient Chinese tradition, the Silk Filled Comforter is made layer by layer from hand-stretched silk floss. Stitching holds the interior silk in place. Loops on comforter coordinate with ties on comforter cover.

Caring for your Silk Comforter: Silk is a luxurious fiber, both delicate and strong. Your comforter will give you years of warm and nurturing comfort if given the proper care. Instead of dry cleaning, we recommend that you air out your comforter away from direct sunlight. Spot clean as needed. If cleaning is required, the comforter needs to be professionally dry cleaned. Please make sure your cleaner understands the comforter is 100% silk inside and out. To ensure the life of the comforter we suggest covering it with a washable silk duvet cover.

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